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::Eating Means Preserving::  Whale Lecture Given By Dr.Whale

Did you know? - The reason why the whale is favored.

An excellent effect on anti-exhaustion: Balenine

The newly found in whalemeat Balenine is the amino acid that has excellence in helping burn the body fat and reduce the fatigue factor in muscles.

* What exactly is Balenine?

For no less than 6 months, whales can continuously feed themselves without getting obesity. They keep traveling around the world without eating anything for the rest of the year.
To best describe this amazing life of whale, Balenine is the key to understand why the whale body possesses such energy.

The part that with the most Balenine is…"Red Meat"

How do we maximize the replenishing effect of Balenine?

Effective ingredient match: add a grated ginger

Effective way to cook: grill a whalemeat medium-rare
*long-time grilling will spoil the act of enzyme

Recommended recipe: A rare whale steak

Marinate the red meat with the soy sauce, grated ginger and mirin(a sweet sake for seasoning) for 30 minutes, and then grill them on the pan until the meat turns into brown on the surface. Lastly, finalize with adding the grated radish and extra juice.

You shouldn’t grill for a long time, rather a short time will bring you the best result in cooking.. Don’t forget to marinate the meat with a grated ginger!

Comment from the Dr. Whaleman

Now much attention is drawn amongst the athletes about the effect of Balenine. Well, this is very particular to whalemeat.
Many of competitors said they experienced the increase in their stamina and the faster recouping from the exhaustion by taking Balenine from their diet.
Therefore, some professional athletes started taking it from the supplement tablets.
Recent study says that whale feeds themselves continuously for no less than 6 month in their feeding yard, and they move to the warm sea for the child rising while eating nothing for the rest of a year.
Isn’t this amazing that they never stop to sleep while swimming for thousands of kilometers, yet they do not eat when they raise their offspring? It is worth noting that the power comes from the Balenine of whale.
A supplement may come in handy… however! I would like you folks to try the whale dishes while appreciating its fruitful gift from the ocean.

Let’s go on a diet with whale.

There is no doubt that whalemeat has many fans for its delicious taste. Compared with other meat product, whalemeat has three big assets; high proteins, low fat, and low calories. Eating healthy brings you the note-worthy merit to your beauty care as well.
[Now let’s take a look at the Whale Tryout!]


A good source of nutrition even to children with food allergy.

It is the fact that fewer people show the allergic reaction against whalemeat. Whale is expected to be a substantial measurement to safely obtain the proteins for those children who are suffered from the food allergy.

[Comments from Dr.Whaleman]

Some people have an allergy against fish, right?
That is caused by a kind of protein called parvalbumin.
But here, remember, whale is mammal, so they can be eaten it without having any trouble.
Whalemeat may appeal as an alternative food to children who are not able to obtain enough proteins from beef, pork, or chicken in daily meals.
In fact, whalemeat contains little allergen to trigger the allergic reaction. So why not try?

Avoid the adult onset disease

Whalemeat contains low rate of cholesterol that is said to cause the adult disease, and is rich in docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) - these acids exist in whale bacon’s oil - preventing from the blood clot.

The part that contains docosapentaenoic acid (DPA) the most is Unesu bacon

The amount of DPA per 100g: Akami (red meat) - 5mg, Unesu (bacon) - 1000mg

How do we maximize effect of the DPA prevention of the adult disease?

Effective ingredient match: add a sesame oilCombined with both whale’s DPA and sesame’s Sesamin show the restraints against the increase in fat that may cause the arterial sclerosis.

Effective way to cook: Eating with rice affect the decrease in the blood glucose.

Recommended recipe: Fried rice with whale bacon.

Prevent anemia

Iron plays the important role in carrying oxygen in blood, and if scarce, the shortage of iron may cause the anemia or rapid body fatigue.
In whalemeat contains the myoglobin iron that is well absorbed in body, and it surely is a good resource of iron for those people, especially for young women, who has inveterate iron-shortage.

Prevention of Dementia with Carnosine

Carnosine is a type of amino acid that is attributed to the taste of whalemeat.
The study shows that it protects the brain nerves and is highly effective to prevent from the dementia.
The scientists found out this effect during the experiment when they gave a normal brain cell a cell-destroying substance. As a result, 80% of brain cell with the carnosine provided survived while only 18% managed to survive without the carnosine.
The study about carnosine currently continues to look more closely so as to invent the new medication that we can use more practically.
(Kawahara, Kyushu University of Health and Welfare)

The part containing the carnosine the most is Red Meat.
Content of Carnosine within 100g of red meat: 147mg = This is equivalent to taking approx. 1.4kg of tuna and approx. 2kg of mackerel.

How do we maximize the effect of the carnosine’s prevention of Dementia?

Effective ingredient match : Shellfish The vitamin B12 in the shellfish boosts the effect of regenerating the brain cells.

Effective way to cook: The result will be even better when you put into a soup.

Recommended recipe: Chinese shellfish soup with whalemeat

Tips: Cut the red meat against the fibrous line. The meat will remain softened.



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